Going beyond grades: Why we HAVE to do better.

Exactly my thoughts about growing up in an educational system where grades seem to be the core of everything! But now that I am teaching in a progressive school, I began to have a new perspective about education – that real learning goes beyond having high grades! I say that it is not bad to have a grading system, but focusing too much on it makes us miss out more important things to learn like how can I use what I learned after I graduate, and most importantly, did I have fun learning about it?
Learning does not need to be like a prison cell where you are just counting the days to receive your sentence. Learning is supposed to be an experience to be savored as you take each step to enlightenment. 🙂

What do you think is the lowest G.P.A. I need in order to get into a good retirement home — one of those fancy ones with never-ending soft serve ice cream and Jeopardy tournaments in the common area?  How many gold stars do you think I need in order say, “I’m happy”?  Oooh, most importantly, do you think if I re-take my ACT and get 2 points higher I can finally say I have purpose in the world?

Surely, these are the questions that keep teenagers angsty. There can be no other explanation.

We live in an educational climate that focuses primarily — some would say obsessively — on numbers and letters, rankings and standings.  We say it’s for results. And it’s true. One can see results through numbers. But it’s time to argue for different results. It’s time to argue for a system that puts the value and benefit…

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